In an ideal world, campaigning would involve the free flow of ideas and debate, and the only money required would be gas money to get to the debates and ballot box. For better or for worse, campaigns take money.

Previous Fairfield city council candidates have spent over $80,000 for their campaigns. You may ask why would someone spend so much money on a position that pays much less than a part time job? A worthy question that should be asked of those candidates.

Let's be honest: there are no 'donations' in politics; they should actually be called "investments". Much like betting on horses at the race track, entities wagering on their horse expect a big return. The more an entity 'invests', the higher rate of return they expect. When an union or business 'invests' thousands of dollars in a candidate, a question all voters should ask is: how will the candidate pay back the investment?

Some of these entities actually do business (providing goods or labor) with the city. Taking money from an entity, that you may negotiate with on behalf of the people you represent, may create opportunities for conflict of interest.

Thus, modest contributions from citizens like you will be the financial lifeblood of this campaign. I don't have campaign managers, I'm not going to hire pollsters and consultants and hold focus groups and phone surveys. Money is needed and will be used for the basics of a political campaign: fliers, mailers, and yard signs that will get our message out to the voters of Fairfield.

Please contact me at if you would like to contribute to the campaign, or want more details on what is involved. If you are considering potential donations of over $1000 apiece, please contact me regardless, so we can discuss.

Or, if you are committed to the cause, please mail your generous contribution check to:

Thiemer for Council 2016 FPPC#1384246
1206 Truman St.
Fairfield CA 94533
(NOTE: Please include your name, employer and occupation per FPPC requirements)

Want to use a credit card or Paypal? Please use this link:

I thank you in advance for your consideration, and for your contribution to making Fairfield a better place to thrive.


Thiemer for Council 2016 | FPPC# 1384246