Questionnaire on Tax Issues

To: Candidates for Fairfield’s City Council 2014

From: Solano County Forum and Central Solano Citizen/Taxpayer Group


1. Fairfield’s Measure P (1% Sales Tax) expires in early 2018. Would you let it expire?

YES- rather than extending existing taxes, let it expire and have the tax increase re-submitted to voters. Currently, there are too many wasteful expenditures in the city budget (i.e. golf courses) to blindly renew a tax.


2. If a “pot shop” was proposed within the city limits, would you be in favor?

 YES(possibly), depending on the location, and that it follows the same approval procedures as liquor stores.


3. With your present knowledge of Project Labor Agreements, would you vote to approve a PLA for a

new city project?

 NO, I feel they are not a benefit for our city or the residents. They restrict competition when competing for contracts. Any contract or agreement city council signs should be a overwhelming benefit for Fairfield.

4. If a proposed city budget shows deficit, would you curtail services or programs instead of seeking

to raise taxes?

 YES, depending on the programs being affected, and if there are other areas that should be reviewed. I would want to see the full long term budget before proposing cuts or tax increases.


5. The city owns two golf courses that require sizable subsidies (more than $100,000 per year).

Would you favor selling them?

 YES. Golf courses are not a vital municipal service, and money losing golf courses are a municipal liability; particularly when we are asked to raise our taxes to ‘save’ basic services.


6. Do you favor Fairfield continuing to house illegal immigrants?

 NO. The city/state/federal government should not utilize taxpayer resources to house non citizens, when so many U.S. citizens are needy.

From  Brian Thiemer__________________________________ Date 9/1/14