Brian's Biography

Brian Thiemer has lived in Northern California his entire life. After spending time in Silicon Valley for education and entrepreneurial opportunities, he was drawn to Fairfield for its affordability, pleasant climate, and its proximity to many employment and recreational opportunities. His parents live in Vacaville, and Solano County is an ideal location to plant roots. He is raising his young family here, and hopes to create a solid foundation that his children will thrive in.

Brian earned a Bachelor's degree in Finance, as well as a MBA in Operations Management, from California State University East Bay. He is in the midst of a productive career in Business & Supply Chain analysis, having worked with many established businesses as well as startups. "There is no reason that the ideas and concepts used to improve private entities can not be used to improve public entities."

Brian knows the challenges facing entrepreneurs, as well as working families who want a secure neighborhood to thrive in, and want the best use of their tax money. One question he often asks citizens: "Are you getting outstanding value for your tax dollar? Is the city doing an exceptional job of serving its customers... the residents and small businesses of Fairfield?"

Brian's view of governance can be summed up with: "less government, more liberty". Government is a service provider, and the citizens are its customers, not its servants. His core beliefs have remained consistent throughout the years, but his desire to get more involved in the political arena has grown; writing columns for local publications, joining local and state wide Liberty minded organizations, and now culminating in a campaign for public office.

He wants the least amount of government it takes to provide goods and services the people have requested. He envisions a community and country that thrives without saddling our children and grandchildren with the bills. As a representative of the people, he feels there are two major functions: to take concerns and grievances from the people to the halls of government, and communicate activities and decisions of government back to the people.

When he isn't fighting for liberty or spending quality time with his family, he can be found tinkering or exploring with bicycles or crafting something out of Lego.