Friends and citizens,

This year, people are looking for viable alternatives to the entrenched good old boys (and girls) insider clubs that seem to dominate politics at all levels. Despite the negativity that dominates this year’s elections, there are bright spots all over this country, where citizens are boldly standing up to make a difference in their communities and regions. The crusade against non-responsive government and "politics as usual” is inspirational. What is Brian Thiemer doing to help in this noble effort?

Brian Thiemer is running to earn a seat on Fairfield’s city council in 2016.

The priorities of Fairfield city government have been diverging from the needs and wants of the people for far too long. Government is a provider of services that the private sector supposedly can not efficiently provide. Ask yourself this: Are you getting outstanding value for your tax dollar? Is the city doing an exceptional job of serving its customers... the residents and small businesses of Fairfield?

This year, the local government of Fairfield, as in many other communities, is pushing a “vital” and “temporary” tax increase. Like so often happens, these agencies haven’t done the most efficient job of maximizing tax dollars; rather they spend on some frivolous items and count on the taxpayer to approve a temporary tax, lest vital services get cut. Do you stand against this never ending siphoning of money, time and liberty?

There is too much group-think on our city council; far too often they just rubber stamp whatever city staff puts in front of them (including tax increases). City staff should get their direction from city council, who get their direction from the citizens of Fairfield. Two questions should always be asked: Why are we doing this and how might we achieve the same goals more efficiently?

I thank you for all your support you provide me on this journey toward liberty. Please visit the "issues" section of this site to find out more of where I stand on important issues. Please spread the word!

For liberty,


P.S. I am inspired by the words of Roberto Clemente: “Any time you have an opportunity to make a difference in this world and you don’t, then you are wasting your time on earth”. Please help me make a difference.